I get asked all the time if I spray for Mosquitoes, so here are some tips to cut down mosquitoes around your house.

1 never leave standing water out around your house if you can help it.

2 if you keep a well groomed/clean yard it helps takes away breeding grounds.

3 there are granules you can buy at home depot or lows that kill bugs including mosquitoes in your grass, the best time to treat your grass with it is spring and fall.

Things that can make it harder to elimnate mice or rats

Never leave dog or cat food out, keep them in a plastic bucket. When mice or rats eat dog or cat food it makes the poison much less affective. It is also important to make it so they can't get to your food for a few reasons mice and rats can pass on very dangerous diseases it also gives them a variety of foods to eat so they don't eat the poison as often. This can cause a big delay in removing them from your house.


Most People believe that spiders die during each winter and the eggs hatch each spring. In all reality most spiders can live 1 to 3 years. Most bugs hibernate through the winter and cold times of the year. When I began my training I was skeptical of that fact so caught some different bugs put them in glass jars then in the freezer for a week. I then pulled the glass jars out of the freezer and let them sit for a few hours and came back. The bugs woke from there sleep and continued as if nothing ever happened.



mice in Utah can be a huge nuisance in the spring and fall. I have talked to many people that have never had mice in the house, it always comes down to one thing as your house ages cracks and holes can slowly appear in the foundation around the garage doors of your house. Many people don't realize that a mouse can get throw a hole or crack the size of the end of a pen. Making it very important to watch for holes in the foundation or in any area of the house. Once they are in your walls they can pretty much get to any part inside your house since they are very good climbers.


box elder bugs

On Friday I got a call for box elder bugs, a lot of companys will not guarantee box elder bugs for the reason that they can fly and get around the pest control treatment. box elder bugs are attracted to box elder trees, if you ever have noticed they also love heat, they will spend most of the time crammed together on the side of your house that receives the most sunlight. here is a pic in a small area where I treated.


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