10 Pro Tips

1. Keeping your leafs cleaned up, bugs love to build homes in the leafs and can stay warm and protected well composting.

2. Keeping your bushes at least a foot from the house and well trimmed helps keep the bugs from going in and on your house away.

3. A clean house makes the spray in your house safer and more affective.

4. When having a pro spray for bugs keep the base boards clear and clean so it can have the effect it is intended to have.

5. Keeping the holes and cracks repaired will help keep mice and other rodents out of your house.

6. Keeping your bushes pruned and clean will help with rats and mice in your yard.

7. When building a shed never build on dirt always in some sort of foundation. dirt foundation is the perfect place for rats and mice to build a home.

8. Never stack wood or any other garbage against the house it makes it harder to spray and also gives bugs a good place to build a home.

9. Never spray your fire wood with pesticides it is flammable and may cause or contribute to a fire.

10. Keeping your yard clean/storage away from the house is very important in helping us to keep your house pest free.


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